Reason to vacation to East Kalimantan

Lately, East Kalimantan became popular because had been choose as the new Capital City for Indonesia. But before that, East Kalimantan had been popular with it’s Orang Utan and various of culture inside of it.

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Why East of Kalimantan?

East Kalimantan has 2 cities which are they very popular, they are Balikpapan City and Samarinda City. The two cities indeed are famous because they have good competition in properties and investment investors. If both cities are in good competition, which means both cities must improve so that visitor or travellers have reasons to visit there. In this article, we are not discussing Balikpapan and Samarinda, but we are more focus on East Kalimantan itself.

As you know before that East Kalimantan famous with their Orang Utan. But, do you know that inside of East Kalimantan has various races and cultures, such as the Java race, Bugis race, Banjar race, Dayak race and many more. Besides that, if you were visiting East Kalimantan, you might be able to meet peoples who some of them speak in Banjar language. It’s because most of them in East of Kalimantan are immigrants from South Kalimantan.

President of Indonesia Joko Widodo announced if He had chosen East of Kalimantan as the new Capital City of Indonesia with his supporting reasons, wisata on budget has also supporting reasons why we recommended to have the vacation to East of Kalimantan and perhaps you could add as a reference in your itinerary.

Reasons to have a vacation to East of Kalimantan

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Mother of Nature

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If you love to enjoy the beauty of nature, then visit to Orang Utan city might be the best choice. Why is it? Because it has a lot of nature tourism site which is still well managed and of course Instagramable. One of the popular sites is Derawan Island in Berau Regency. We will discuss it “why should visit Derawan Island” in the different article.

Visit to meet Orang Utan

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The government had been centralized the habitat for Orang Utan in East of Kalimantan. The good news is, if you are visiting East of Kalimantan, you also can meet them in school specialized for Orang Utan. The school name is Semboja Lestari located at Balikpapan City and only there you can meet and greet with Orang Utan in the forests. (Besides the Orang Utan school, Balikpapan has a lot of good destinations that we will write in a different article).

Culinary Paradise

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Visit to Kalimantan will not complete if you were missing their traditional food. In East of Kalimantan has food that is definitely sought by visitors, such as Cincane Chicken which is very popular in Samarinda City and Banana Gapit which is very popular too either in Balikpapan or Samarinda. Aside from both dishes, it has Amplang and Lempok Durian which no less famous in East Kalimantan. We will discuss it in the different article “Traditional food from East of Kalimantan.”

East of Kalimantan Traditional Dress

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Indonesia is famous with a variety of cultures and race inside of it. Every region in Indonesia has their traditional dress and traditional song from their own regions that have been maintained until now. If you are visiting East of Kalimantan, you may have a chance to try using their traditional dress, but of course by renting to a service that provides that traditional dress.


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